Every Move Is Different

You’re the busiest person we know. Okay, maybe not. But we know you’re swamped with a to-do list longer than your arm, deadlines, and family obligations. And that’s just an ordinary day. Now you’re moving on top of it all.

No matter how you dice it, that’s stressful.


It doesn’t matter if your move takes you across the hall, the city, the country, or the world; there’s a phenomenal amount of organization that goes into every relocation.


You Can Handle the Move on Your Own… Or…


We’ve established that you’re busy. And you know your upcoming move is going to make you busier still. But, perhaps you can handle your move in the traditional way; here’s what that involves:


  • Assessing your current home to discover what you have, what’s moving with you and what you plan to get rid of
  • Contacting a couple of moving companies to check prices, reputation, availability, and more (that means vetting each one and making a decision)
  • Organising insurance either through your own company or through your removals company
  • Packing, packing, and more packing
  • Finding and organising storage facilities, if needed
  • Planning your move, from where you are now to your destination with every step in-between
  • Controlling that move and making it happen


It sounds like a tremendous work, doesn’t it? And if your move is based on a change in family circumstances or a new job, we understand if it’s difficult to get your head around it all.


But you don’t need to do it yourself. There is another way. If you were to handle your move through VIP Movers, here’s what you would need to do:


  • Call us and provide us with your parameters and budget


That’s it. We take a look at all your requirements and make the calls for you. We’ve already got teams of suppliers, from movers to storage facilities. Not only do we take the time to investigate all of our suppliers, but we also broker the best price for their services. We offer the best price and a customized moving experience.


Can You Afford to Move Yourself?


There is no such thing as a normal move. In addition to all that stress that you have, you also own an entirely unique household or office. Your couches, desks, bed frames, and electronics are different than everyone else’s. And, you probably don’t move all that often. So we understand that every move is different.


How are you supposed to know what’s a good price, who’s a good supplier, and just how much insurance you need?


Shouldn’t you focus on what’s important and let us handle the rest? Yeah, we would too. After all, we’ve never met anyone busier than you.